Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tips for Buyer

How do I get a Designer bargain?

Is this a good deal for me?

Visit the website everyday and check out the list of Buyer's Location on the right. Be the first to visit the blog always so that you can spot the good deals and contact the sellers to secure the deal first.

If you are a fussy buyer, why hesitate if someone is selling a flawless brand new bag at a discount? Best if it comes with what you would be getting at the boutique like receipt, dustbag, paperbag…. Grab the bag. There is still savings compared to getting it from a boutique.

If you are not a fussy buyer, many sellers post their bags which has scratches, slightly used or stained or slightly torn etc… at real low prices. Then you can take the chance to bargain and close the deal at a price happy for both buyers and sellers.

A good buy is a Bag with very good condition and priced reasonably. It is also not advisable for buyers to slash prices too low for sellers to counter offer. For example offering $200 for a bag which seller posted at $380 and retail is $700.

To ensure you get an authentic bag, you can either be very experienced to checking the quality, workmanship and codes etc, you can also try to ensure the bag comes with dustbag, receipt etc. Sometimes some sellers may not have a receipt due to misplacing (cos come people may not buy with the intention of reselling) then you can choose to meet the seller at a 2nd hand shop that helps buyers verify authenticity for a small fee.

You also can choose to go to the boutique, check out details of the actual bag and code etc so you can compare when you finally meet the seller to check their bag.

All buyers and sellers can arrange for a “No Obligation” viewing at the convenience of both parties so that buyers can see the bag and the condition for themselves. Once agreeable, the deal is closed, both parties should not bother each other again.

While PrelovedPosh try our best to differentiate the real sellers from the fake ones, we do not take any responsibility for the transaction between buyers and sellers.

We hope you can enjoy your purchase online and save money in this economy crunch yet carry your favourite brands :)

See instructions and tips for Sellers

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