Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Instructions for Seller

How do you post your items for sale on our blog?

How can you sell your item quickly?

Take photos of the bag (5 photos per item maximum).If you are using a very good digital camera, please assist to downsize the pics to smaller pics, else it’s very hard to upload them.Email the pics to beverlymoda@ymail.com with below (including purchase details, whether item comes with receipt? Dustbag? Condition?) and contact details. (Contact can be Mobile numbers or email addresses). Pls email 1 item/bag per email with its name as the email subject.

Usually sharp photos can display the condition of your bags better and they do sell faster than poorly taken pics. Buyers usually want to see pictures from the front, back, insides of bag and perhaps pictures of stains/scruffing. Detailed description can include measurements of bag, condition, colour (if unclear), what does the bag comes with (receipt, dustbag, paperbag, accessory etc) and also purchase date and reason for selling. If your price is negotiable, you can state so and do expect many bargaining from interested parties. If your price is fixed, you can state so and this would minimize the bargaining (but still expect some).

There is some kind of market rate for Preloved Authentic Branded items. Not determined by me but by the mass market who sells their preloved branded bags. Usually the resale value for Chanel and Louis Vuitton is higher compared to Gucci and Coach. I guess this is partly because of the “No Discount” by LV and ever “popular” increasing prices….. A Brand new LV that retails for $1000 can be sold for about 10-20% discount for best results. (Depending on model and exclusivity) As many buyers can buy Coach from US and at a much cheaper rate, usually a Coach that retails for $800 in local stores can only fetch maximum $500.

For more information and authentication, you can visit The Purse Forum to ask for more help from the other experienced Branded Bags buyers. I also feel it's easier to sell your bag online and minimise selling to 2nd hand shops. 2nd hand shops push your bag prices real low... :( and that is why I set up this channel :)

The above is only a general guideline from my own experience :)
These would minimize enquiries and help buyers access your bag easier.

Good Luck in Selling your bags :)

See tips for Buyers here (how to grab Good Deals?)

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