Tuesday, January 5, 2010

About Us

I'm a stay at home mum who is addicted to luxury designer bags, but sometimes all the money in this world don't seem to be enough for my posh hobby. I realise that it would be a great idea if we can buy and sell our gently used luxury items, turn them into cash, to fund our next luxury handbag or just for daily necessities.

There are also some of us who wants to own our first luxury designer bag, without having to the retail boutique price, and there are some of us who bought luxury designer bags on impulse, or it's an unwanted presents, or it doesn't suit your current style anymore, or simply need more cash to fund the next designer handbag :)

This blog is born with the hope to help many like-minded brand lovers to trade their bags and help those who wish to own a branded bag buy at lower prices :)

Even though this blogspot is based in Perth, Australia, but my mission is to help all people both in Australia and Worldwide sell and buy their luxury designer items.

So my message to you all, let's get addicted to luxury designer without the guilt!

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